Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 59

The Indian Weaver

Carlotta Haines

In the grassy fields of a canyon an Indian family is grouped watching an Indian weaver. They are robed in their colorful native garb. The warrior is weaving a beautiful rug. The Indians are watching eagerly to see what the main design will be. There is a cunning papoose in a strapped cradle. He does not seem to be interested in what his father is making. The steep canyon walls in the background are reflected in the clear crystal waters of the stream below. Don't you think this is a very picturesque spot?

An artist by the name of Robert Wesley Amick painted this beautiful scene. He studied Indian life and lived among the Indians for many years. He has painted many other pictures of Indian life.

Carlotta Haines

School No. 64