Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 58

A Loyal Friend

Solomon Goldberg

One crisp, clear winter day, and ideal day for skating, Bob decided to try his skates, for he had received a pair of shiny new ones for Christmas.

His faithful dog, Spot, went with him. When Bobby reached the pond, he did not stop to test the ice. He was having a delightful time when suddenly Spot began to bark, for his keen ears had caught the sound of cracking ice. Bb did not heed him, but kept on skating. Suddenly the ice gave way. Spot dashed to the place where his little master had disappeared and with some difficulty succeeded in pulling him out. It was luck for Bob that a friendly neighbor happened to be passing, for he carried him home.

As a result, Bob had a sever cold all that week. After that experience, he never neglected to find out if the ice was solid before he went skating.

Solomon Goldberg

School No. 66