Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 51


Charles Houck

Years ago time was of little value to the people. All they cared to know were the two things, day and night.

Time was first measured by shadows cast by trees. Where the shadow fell at noon was marked and the rest of the time was told by that mark.

The sundial was the first timepiece. It was only used on sunny days.

One day while a man was filling a jar from a spring, he saw the sundial move a little. He watched it fa few days and at last made a water clock. This kind of timepiece was used for more than two thousand years.

King Alfred invented the notched candle. The distance between the notches told the time.

The hour glass came next and was the best timepiece for many years.

In 1335 an English man made the first clock and later a German made the first pocket clock or watch.

Charles Houck

School No. 51