Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 51

The Vikings

Lorraine Kreiger

The Vikings were bold, daring sailors. they lived in Norway and Sweden. They had ships with both sails and oars. They were the first to discover North America. Eric the Red killed a man and was forced to leave home. Then he found Iceland and made it his home. He had a quarrel over seaports and again was forced to leave his home. He got ready his ships and followers and sailed west until he came to Greenland. Then Leif the Luck, Eric's son, engaged thirty-five men and explored to the west until he discovered North America. They named it Vinland because there were so many grapes. The Vikings didn't settle in America because the Indians drove them out. The later explorers thought they were first because the Northmen left no trace or record of their explorations.

Lorraine Kreiger

School No. 28