Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 24

The Young Woodchopper

Jemima Moyle

It was the last day of school and four boys were walking home. Their names were Time, Jack, Bill and Joe. Time said, "Let's go fishing Wednesday if it's a nice day." So all boys agreed. Then they went home.

Jack's mother said, "Jack please go to the store for me."

Jack pouted and said, "Let sister go." So his sister went.

On Wednesday Jack was just leaving the house when his mother said, "Where are you going, Jack??"

Jack answered, "I am going fishing with the boys."

Jack's father said, "No, you disobeyed your mother yesterday, so go out into the back yard and chop all the wood in the pile."

Just then the boys came along and said, "Come on, Jack, we are going fishing." Jack did not answer but he just looked at them.

Jack's dog looked up as if to say, "Do not go Jack, you would be disobeying your parents." Jack did not go. That evening the boys came home and Tim had fallen into the pond and had gotten all wet, but Jack was glad he did not go because he might have fallen in the water too.

Jemima Moyle

School No. 33