Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 23

Ace High

Benny Buchberg

There once was an aviator who was called Ace High. He was called Ace High because he won cups and medals for records and tricks that no other aviator could perform. When the World War broke out he went as an aviator. One day five American aviators went out and met with a German airship. Ace High was one of the five to fight with the German airship. Ace High's partner was killed. Consequently he drove and took charge of the machine gun. After one hour of fighting with the enemy Ace High wa the only one left. The men in the airship shot their machine guns at him but could not hit him because he did tricks. Ace High tried to get on top of the airship so he could drop a bomb on it but every time he tried the airship would go up higher. There were twenty-five men in the airship and Ace high shot six of them. One of the men in the airship shot ace high in the shoulder but he didn't give up. Ace High fought and fought and fought. At last he got on top of the airship and dropped a bomb on it and the German airship went down in flames. Ace High went back to quarters and told his story. he received a medal for what he had done. When the war was over he went home to his parents and told about the fight he was in. He received seven medals during the war. The people then called him "The Hero of the Air."

Benny Buchberg

School No. 31