Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 9-10

The Discovery of Electricity

Clar Gaeta

In the old Quaker city of Philadelphia the people were laughing at a man named Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin who is now known as the famous discoverer of electricity. One day the people brought news that Mr. Franklin was making a kite. The people did not laugh because they thought it was a kite that was being made for a boy. Another day the people that passed Benjamin's house said that he was flying it. The people laughed because it seemed foolish for a grown man to fly a kite. Mr. Franklin made his kite out of silk handkerchiefs, with a hemp string fro flying. At the bottom of the string he attached a metal key and a silk cord to hold on to.

One day when it was thundering and lightning Benjamin flew his kite. he was happy because no one saw him. As the first cloud passed by nothing happened. When the second cloud passed, he felt a shock as he touched the key. At last he had proven to himself that lightning was electricity. Later he built lightning rods to protect the houses from burning. His name then became known all over the United Sates and Europe. We still honor the name of Benjamin Franklin.

Clar Gaeta

School No. 1