Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 10


Lily Drewitt

Sulphur is a very important mineral product of the south. Louisiana and Texas are the leading states for sulphur. It is important in making things white. Sulphur makes pages of books pure what and also makes sugar white. The farmer also uses it in fertilizer. It is used in liguids for the sparying of the trees and plants to kill the insects on them. There are many rubber thanks made from sulphur too. In order to get the sulphur to the surface men bore deep wells into whcih they force hot water. This melts the fulphur. Then they use compressed air to drive the melted sulphur up throught pipes to the surface. When it cools it forms into hard yellow rocks. Workmen will then blast the sulphur rock. Then the big steam shovel will pick up the pieces and drop them in freight cars which are waiting for loads. These will carry them to manufacturing cities in differnt parts of the United States.

Lily Drewitt

School No. 6