Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 42


Bernice Learman

This picture "Spring" was painted by a very well-known French artist, Corot. In this beautiful landscape picture the first thing you will notice is the mighty oak with her graceful drooping branches. In the background there is a cool, calm lake. Still farther back are more trees, whose beautiful shadows reflect on the cool, quiet body of water. As you will notice, this artist is very wise, he put only a few people in his painting just to add a little more coloring to the scene. It seems as though the children might be welcoming Spring, the grass seems such a fresh green. The most important color in this picture is green.

I think this is a very attractive outdoor scene of Spring. Don't you?

Bernice Learman

School No. 72

Camille Corot "Spring"
Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot "Spring"