Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 41

A Trip to the Museum

Salvator Scime

A snowy day we were on our way to the Museum. What a pretty scene Humboldt Park was! The trees were dressed in their white garb. When we entered the Museum we took off our wraps, and went to a room where we listened to the interesting things Mr. Aloxander [sic] had to tell us. He showed pictures of birds and gave facts about them. Then we went to another room where we saw various stuffed birds. Other rooms were visited. In one there were cards with questions. It was fun answering these questions. Later we went to the reading room. The instructor invited us to take any book we wanted. Our enjoyable morning at the Museum was over. We put on our wraps and were soon ready for the pleasant ride home.

Salvator Scime

School No. 73