Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 48

Lost in the Woods

Elizabeth White

My father is a minister. Nearly every year we move, sometimes to the country, sometimes to the city. We were in the country last Spring.

The first real event was going May flowering. My mother, David and Frances went with me. We soon came upon a lovely patch of little flowers. My sister and I were not satisfied. We went farther and farther into the woods in search of better flowers. We thought the others would follow. It was not until we were very far from them that we began to realize that we were lost.

We sat down on a log for there was nothing else to do. After what seemed hours we heard our names called. We got up and ran as fast as our legs could carry us in the direction of the sound. We soon came upon David and Mother. Mother's face was white. I knew she had been greatly alarmed. You may rightly believe we never ventured away again while May flowering.

Elizabeth White

School No. 54