Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 49

Friends Again

William Mollwitz

Last summer Red, a boy friend of mine and I went down to the scout troop. We were both good friends. When we got down there the scouts were playing basketball so we joined in the game. One of the boys who disliked me pushed me into Red. He got mad and started an argument which ended up in a fight. The Scoutmaster told Red he was in the wrong. Red said something that the Scoutmaster didn't like and he put Red out of our club. Then Red said he would get even with me. After this he was my worst enemy.

But a few weeks after that we went on a hike and Red went with us. We were suppose to bring money for our lunch because we were going to eat at a country hotel. When it came time to eat I had lost my money. The Scoutmaster asked the boys if they had found it but they said no. They all we4nt out and looked for it but we couldn't find it. Then Red said he had some money. The Scoutmaster said, "How much money have you"? Red replied, "Oh, abut forty cents." Then the Scoutmaster asked, "How can you buy Bill's lunch and yours too with only forty cents?" But Red replied, "Bill and I will go halvers. Bill will have twenty cents worth of lunch and I will have the other twenty cents. Bill and I want to be friends." I was surprised when he said this. So he paid for my lunch.

The thing that impressed me most was that my worst enemy was willing to share with me what he should have had for himself.

William Mollwitz

School No. 55