Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 44

Children of Ancient Britain

Richard Henning

"Children of Ancient Britain", an interesting book was written by L. Lamprey. The important characters are Little Red Head, Machcha, and Miria. They lived in a wild country which is now called Britain. Everybody liked Machcha because he was a fine fisherman and could make fine fishing hooks and lines so strong that they would not break. When little Red Head was seven years old the family moved. Machcha took his stone ace, spears and a few ornaments and trinkets with him. They paddled down stream to a village where they built their home. Machcha and his family lived happily for some time until the Fint people made war on them. Machcha sent the people down to the river to their boats. During this skirmish so many Fint people lost their lives that peace was declared and Machcha and the Fint family became friends. If you like adventurous stories I'm sure you would enjoy reading, "Children of Ancient Britain."

Richard Henning

School No. 78