Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 45

A Boy with a Rabbit

Joseph Kaleta

The picture in our room "A Boy with a Rabbit" was painted by Sir Henry Raeburn, a Scotch artist. He was considered Scotland's greatest portrait painter.

The bunny and the boy are painted in light colors while the background is dark in contrast. The boy, who is dressed in light, cool, comfortable clothes, is gently encircling his bunny. Bunny, with his fluffy whit fur, floppy ears and bright pink eyes, is wrinkling up his nose as he contentedly eats leaves from his master's hand.

I like this picture because it looks so peaceful and real.

Joseph Kaleta

School No. 79

Henry Raeburn Inglis (Boy and Rabbit), 1814
Henry Raeburn Inglis, "A Boy with a Rabbit", 1814