Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 37

Three Pals

George Maurer

Once upon a time in Germany lived three boys. They were George and his two pals, Jack and Albert. These boys lived next door to one another.

One hot summer day, while the boys were reading books about boy scouts, George said, "Let's go camping in the woods for a week."

"O.K." said Jack. "How about you, Al?"

"K.O., I'm willing", said Albert.

"Well, you have until Monday to get read for the adventure," said George.

Monday, Jack was the first one ready. He called his chums and they set out on the trip to the woods.

When they had gone a mile from town they came to a big stream. George was thinking how to cross when he saw five big stones in the water about a foot apart. He said, "Let's step on the stones and cross the stream."

When they were across the stream, Jack saw a good camping ground on a hill in the forest. When it was time to eat Jack was the cook. Albert was the guard and George chopped wood for fuel. for supper they had bacon, eggs, a cup of coffee and three pieces of toast.

After four days had passed away, all the food was gone so the boys went home. The next time they went camping they took more food.

George Maurer

School No. 62