Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 46

The Young Woodchoppers

Fred Sepp

It was early in the morning. "Bill", said his mother "you will have to chop wood for the day because your father is in town and he will not be back until night." "Alright, mother" said Bill. He went in the yard but on the way he saw his dog chasing a cat up a tree, so he called to his dog and started chopping wood. He said to the dog, "I wish you could chop wood too." All of a sudden three boys came up to him. "Are you going fishing?" asked on of the three boys. "I have to chop wood." "Well, good-bye", said the three boys. "Good-by", said Bill. Bill's mother had heard him. She said, "Bill, you may go fishing with them. Her is your fishing pole." When Bill came home he had a basket full of fish for supper. After spending such a happy afternoon, he was very willing to go back to chopping wood.

Fred Sepp

School No. 81