Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 16

The Story of Fire

Ida Wolchok

Many, many years ago people did not have warm, cosy houses like ours to live in. They lived in caves where it was both dark and cold. Once when a great storm was raging a tree was struck by lightning and the flash set it on fire. It happened to fall near a cave where some of the cave people were hiding. They were frightened at first and huddled in a group. After the storm was over they ventured out to look at the burning tree. One of them took a burning branch and brought it into the cave. They discovered that it made the cave both warm and light. They wanted the fire to keep on burning so they fed it with sticks and dry leaves. From this time on fire became a great blessing to man.

Ida Wolchok

School No. 21