Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

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The Song of the Lark

Bernice Thiel

One of the pictures that I have admired this year is, "The Song of the Lark", which was painted by a famous French artist named Jules Adolphe Breton.

In the picture is seen the sun just rising over the distant tree tops. Although it is scarcely light enough to see clearly, a French peasant girl is on her way to work.

She is carrying a sickle with which she cuts the grain in the surrounding fields. Her dress is very plain but suitable for her work. She wears no shoes or stockings. Her hands and feet appear large and hardened from the sun and wind. But the expression on her face tells us that she is very happy as she stands and listens to th4e beautiful song the skylark is singing.

Her cheering song will make her work seem lighters.

The pictures shows us the pleasant things in country life.

Some day I hope to see the original painting which hangs in the Art Institute in Chicago.

Bernice Thiel

School No. 52

* See The Song of the Lark, page 5

Jules Adolphe Breton "The Song of the Lark"
Jules Adolphe Breton "The Song of the Lark"