Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 11-12

Roland, The Brave Lad

Nicholas Florko

Long, long ago in a city of France there lived a king who had a beautiful daughter named Elizabeth. One day as she was walking through her garden a fierce dragon swooped down upon her and carried her away. There was a great sorrow throughout the land.

Her father said that he would give the hand of his daughter and half of his kingdom to the man who would save her.

Ther lived not far from the palace a lad whose name was Roland. when he heard what the king had said he decided to go and try his luck. He set out on his journey to the palace.

On his arrival he asked to see the king. When he was admitted he told him that he would save his daughter or get killed by the dragon. The king told him to stay over night and rest.

The next day he set out on his journey. When Roland came in sight of the dragon's cave he hid behind a rock. Suddenly the dragon came with fire coming from his nose and mouth. Roland was near by and drew his sword, swung it with all his might upon the dragon. he gave a fierce cry of pain and fell dead.

Roland went into the cave and brought out the princess and took her to the palace. Later Roland and Elizabeth were married.

Nicholas Florko

School No. 4