Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 55


Mary Failla

The first thing that I remember was that I was a little blue flower growing in the field. The sun kissed me and the rain watered me. People said that I looked exceedingly well, and that I was so fine and long that I should make a beautiful piece of linen. I was the happiest creature in the world. One day some people came who took hold of me. They pulled me up by the roots. This gave me great pain. Next I was put near the fire to dry. I was broken and combed and placed on a wheel that made my head whirl. At last I came out a long piece of linen.

One day while I was on the table I heard a voice say, "Oh! I have spilled the milk." I felt very badly but I was taken off and washed and ironed. After a long time I heard that I was getting old. What do you think? I was made into twelve napkins. When I began to tear I was placed in a big bag. A man carried me away. I was thrown into a wagon. He brought me into a factory and there I was made into paper. After this people made books out of me. They put black print on me. Now I am read by many children. This is the end of my story.

Mary Failla

School No. 73