Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 38


Lucille Manthei

Did you ever realize how much cotton meant to us? It is more useful than any other cloth we have. Would you like to know how it is grown? Early in the spring the seeds are planted. About two weeks later little sprouts are seen. It takes seven months for its full growth. Then it looks as if there had been a snow storm for the cotton has burst from the seed pod and is ready for picking. Negroes pick it because they can stand the heat better than white people can. After it is picked it is weighed and sent through a cotton gin which takes the seeds out. It is then packed in bales and sent to different cities, where it is made into cloth.

Maybe the dress you have on came from our own Southern States.

Lucille Manthei

School No. 65