Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 35-36


Evelyn Rohde

This beautify picture was painted by a famous artist whose name was Anton Mauve. He lived far across the deep blue ocean in the country of Holland. He liked to paint pictures of animals but best of all he liked to paint pictures of sheep.

As we can see, it is growing dark and the weary old man is slowly plodding along driving his flock of fluffy white sheep home to the fold. His faithful dog walks beside him and keeps the sheep from straying away. The old man is carrying a little lamt that was probably injured while scampering around in the fields. The shepherd's clothes are well worn, like his slouchy old hat.

I like this picture because the sheeptender is doing a kind deed to a dumb animal.

Evelyn Rohde

School No. 60