Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 20-21

An Explorer of the Gobi Desert

Robert Rogan

Dr. Roy Andrews and his party of forty men have traveled in a great caravan, of seven automobiles and one hundred twenty-five camels, into the Gobi Desert of China. The are searching for skeletons of men and animals that are supposed to have lived millions of years ago. They are examining the rocky places and digging deeply into the sand for relics.

First the explorers found bits of jewelry that were made of ostrich egg shells. There were holes in the shells where they had been fastened together.

Soon after this the party discovered dinosaur eggs in a ledge of rock. Those eggs were the first ones that had ever been found although the skeletons of dinosaurs have been discovered in many parts of the world. Today you may see this ledge of rock containing the eggs in the museum in New York City.

Lately they discovered the skull and bones of the largest animals that lived. These bones were sent to the New York museum, too. since there was no picture of this strange beast called the baluchiterium, it was a puzzle to match and fit the bones together. When it was finished it looked like an elephant without a trunk. It is like a giraffe without a long neck. It is like each one and yet it is very different.

Although Dr. Andrews has not found the skeletons of men his work is very valuable for he thinks that he has found the place where the oldest race in the world once lived.

Robert Rogan

School No. 29