Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 61

An Adventure of Sir Lancelot

Maurice Koren

One day as Sir Lancelot was strolling in the courtyard, he spied a maiden riding toward the palace. Approaching her he asked, "What dos thou want?"

"My aunt's enemies took our castle while everybody was away,": replied the maiden. "The also captured my aunt.. Will you save her?"

"I shall," answered Sir Lancelot.

He donned his beautiful armor, took his shield and sword, mounted his horse, and they were off.

Suddenly the castle loomed up before them! The youth who guarded it was board-shouldered and strongly built, but when he heard hoof beats he was terrified.

"Who dares to go within reach of my sword?" he cried.

"I do," replied Sir Lancelot, as he advanced.

Our hero rushed upon the guard and soon overcame him. The captured aunt was quickly rescued. You can imagine how graciously the maiden thanked brave Sir Lancelot.

Maurice Koren

School No. 59