Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 12-13

A Prize Winner

Ruth Mallon and Florence Ogorek

On the corner of Walden Avenue and Burgard Place, I saw a very interesting sight. The big house was all lighted up, but I liked the yard best.

There was a tree, all trimmed and lighted. It went around in a circle. Near it, a lighted airplane flew about. Santa Claus sat in a sleigh filled with toys and drawn by reindeers. These were real ones that had been stuffed. The lights on this went on and off. When they were on, Santa's eyes were blue.

He seemed to be on his way to a small lighted house, in which were dalls for people, and a small lighted tree, waiting for his coming.

At the top of a large tree in the yard was a large lighted star. A stuffed monkey was trying to climb this tree. In a ring were two squirrels having a boxing match to see which would win a nut. About the yard were dogs whose eyes lighted up. A large owl kept blinking up in a tree.

We thout it was a very pretty sight, and were very glad when we heard that Adam Smith, the owner, had won first prize in our neighborhood which was fifty dollars. I think the crowds of people who came to see it every night must have been glad too.

Ruth Mallon and Florence Ogorek

School No. 9