Book of Short Stories, By Fifth Grade Pupils

A Book Of Short Stories page 18

A Fishing Trip

Douglas Schnorr

One nice day last summer my father and I decided to go fishing. We left early in the morning, crossing over Niagara River on the ferry.

We stopped at a fisherman's shanty on the river and bought a pail of minnows. With these, our fishing tackle and lunch, we started up the river to an old ship yard. The docks and ships were falling apart. The fish like to stay around the old piling and sunken ships. We fished for a while but caught nothing. Then I wandered around into different spots. Finally I dropped my line right into a school of perch. I called my father and he came running. Between us we caught over thirty perch in less than a half hour. Of course my father caught the most. In the excitement the lunch blew into the river, as we had just about started to eat when I found the school of fish. The sea gulls happened to be very plentiful at this point. Soon they ate the lunch, we ate the fish and everybody was happy.

Douglas Schnorr

School No. 23